Our Approach

Our Approach Towards Healthy Lifestyle

We’ve spent months poring over thousands of pages of literature, researching the innumerable facets that make up “good health” and how habits are built.

In the end, our take out from all this research lead us to build Happily Health based on what we like to call our Two Pillars.

The Health Pillar The Health Pillar
The Habits Pillar The Habits Pillar
Health Pillar
  • Health is not a destination – but a resource for everyday living
  • Health is a capacity to fulfill your unique potential
  • Health is multifaceted – physical, mental and social well-being
  • Health is something that you can actively create
  • Health changes – it is not a fixed state
  • Best possible health is different for different people
  • Health is built by scientific evidence based actions and/or best practices
Habit Pillar
  • One grain of rice – Remember the Indian folktale where a King is outwitted by a subject who asks for double the amount of rice everyday for the next 30 days starting with just one grain of rice?
  • The power of compounding – Probably one of the mightiest forces around, applies to habit building as much as it does to the world of finance
  • A regular 'little' improvement does go a long way

Why Should You Believe Us

01. One

At Happily Health we are committed to using the best in technology and science to empower people to live their healthiest lives.

02. Two

The Happily Health platform uses an integrated set of modules that cover key facets of healthy living – physical fitness, nutrition, mental- well being and other lifestyle related including alcohol and tobacco consumption and sleep habits.

03. Three

The framework of each of the modules and their linkages have been built harnessing the latest in scientific research – both medical and behavioral and vetted by experts in each field.

Primary & Secondary Research

Clinical Research

We will soon be initiating our own research studies to validate the recommendations and impact of the Happily Health digital health solution.


Salil Sahu

Co-Founder Held business leadership roles including that of a CEO/MD of a retail chain for 9 years. Strengths: Analytical & problem-solving ability, strategic thinking, market understanding and business judgement. Passionate about health and fitness and is a multiple full marathoner and a Brevet cyclist.

Pooja Shivdasani

Co-Founder Pursued roles in consumer research, marketing, advertising and business strategy. Strengths: Consumer insights, advertising, integrated marketing, setting things up from scratch, creativity. Is a health enthusiast committed to a balanced relationship with food, fitness and self awareness.

Resident Experts

Dr. Rahul Sawant

Advisor - Interventional Cardiologist MD, CCT, Cardiology (UK), MRCP (UK), FACC (USA), Interventional Fellow (New York), Asst. Professor, BVMCH (Pune) Brings a global perspective on health and best practices and the latest in medical intelligence. Passionate about preventive interventions, cardiac rehab coaching and teaching.

Dr. Amitav Mohanty

Advisor - Medicine MBBS degree from MKCG Medical College Berhampur, MD from Mangalore University Credited with a huge body of research work in the field of diabetes, hypertension, infectious diseases, obesity and metabolic disorders. He was awarded with Healthcare leadership award by ABN group in March 2019.

Dr. Sonal Gupta Jain

Expert - Nutrition PhD. in Food and Nutrition, Delhi University Assistant Professor, Institute of Home Economics, Department of Food and Nutrition, Delhi University Passionate about research in nutrition reversing lifestyle disorders and busting food and diet myths.

Achal Mehra

Advisor - Yoga Expert in Hatha Vinyasa, Hatha, Achal teaches yoga and conducts retreats both in India and internationally. Having held senior leadership positions in multinationals, he has been able to apply the context of modern living to yoga practice.

Gagan Arora

Advisor - Physical Fitness Holds several specialised international certifications in personal training, distance running and strength conditioning. Even though an Ironman Coach, he believes in the mantra of ‘fitness for all’. His favourite training routine is ‘everything that makes you move’.

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