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We understand that building healthy habits can be overwhelming and sometimes even boring, which is why we are here to help.

The Happily Health mobile app gently nudges you to make small and incremental improvements in the key areas of your health - Physical fitness, Nutrition, Mental well-being, and other Lifestyle habits so you can live your life to the fullest.

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Health Assessment

Health Assessment

Answer bite sized questions and find out how you are doing on different areas of your health – Physical Fitness, Mental Well-being, Nutrition, other Lifestyle related.

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks

Get daily task recommendations and build healthy habits one mini success at a time – be it physical fitness, nutrition, mental well-being or lifestyle.

Tasks - Lifestyle


Read our latest articles on science backed research for Physical Fitness, Mental Well-being, Nutrition, Lifestyle, and more.



Be better together – create your own tribe, share achievements, take on a challenge or just chat with others on a similar journey.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests

Get diagnostics tests suggestions and buy tests, including genome based tests

Just Play

Just Play

Track your health score and ranking. Complete daily tasks, level up, ring in the points and badges. Bragging rights guaranteed.

The Science Behind Happily Health

Happily Health is a holistic approach to improving your health and wellness by building better habits bit-by-bit every day. We know it isn’t about quick fixes that don’t last but making small changes to achieve sustainable results.

Happily Health uses scientifically proven recommendations based on your health assessment, to help you improve in different areas including physical fitness, mental, and emotional well-being, nutrition, and lifestyle.

At Happily Health we understand good health goes far beyond just the physical. Instead, we recognize that our overall health is made up of different areas, connected and balanced by the choices we make.

Six Reasons to Join Happily Health

Happily Health can guide you throughout your health journey, one habit at a time. Whether it’s getting more sleep, stubbing out that last cigarette, or moving those feet to the music, we recommend small changes you can incorporate into your daily routine.

When you feel good on the inside, you shine brighter on the outside. Choose a regime that tackles more than just “weight loss” and helps you feel healthier from the inside too.

The Four Pillars of Health

Physical, Nutritional, Mental, and Lifestyle habits are all integrated. Your health assessment takes a look at each pillar of your health and analyzes your current health score.

Everyone is Different

Working towards improving your health is a personal choice. Your health score tells us what we need to know to recommend regimens specific to your goals.

Your Health Journey

A journey starts with a single step. That’s all it takes. Start small to achieve bigger results that last longer.

Progress is Rewarding

Every step towards building habits is an achievement. Collect rewards throughout your health journey to keep you going.

Build a Community

A community that works out together, gets healthier together. Go on an adventure with friends and support each other along the way.


Knowledge is power. The more we understand why it is important to make changes, with science-backed research, the better we understand our bodies and can build healthier habits.

Buy Tests

Get recommended diagnostic tests at affordable prices to help you monitor essential areas of your health.

Challenge Your Friends

Create groups with your friends and challenge them. Improve your health together

Get started by doing the ‘little’ for today

Happily Health - The Holistic Health App

Holistic Health is a way of life. Instead of focusing on any particular illness or specific body part, this approach considers how the whole person interacts with their environment. It establishes a connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

Importance of Holistic Health

Modern-day western medicine has ushered in many incredible and life-saving advancements. However, it has a very siloed approach to health. It looks at the body in segments in terms of individual symptoms rather than the body as a whole. This makes holistic health assume importance because to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual sense wellness, one must view and support the body as a whole incredible system. This is where the role of Happily Health steps in. It is a holistic health app designed to inspire fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being every day.

Holistic Health - A Necessity

To say that holistic health is essential is an understatement. With increased average life expectancy, people also experience high stress and fatigue levels. They continue to consume nutrition-depleted food and are exposed to millions of potentially harmful chemical particles through air, water, etc. Modern-day healthcare has failed many people living with chronic disease and undiagnosable symptoms. It is time that a holistic health solution is incorporated as a standard way of addressing health.

A Health App For A Healthy Lifestyle

Happily Health is a health app that guides you to make healthier lifestyle choices. It breaks down your journey to holistic health into a daily adventure of physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Health App Fitness Regimes for Holistic Health

Happily Health offers fitness regimens based on the latest scientific behavioral research appraised by our panel of experts. It recommends daily diet, exercise, mental wellbeing and suggests diagnostic tests as a preventive healthcare mechanism. The health app provides curated holistic health and fitness articles.

Whether you want to stay fit, reduce your weight, build strength, sleep better, or quit smoking, the Happily Health app helps you achieve all that. So, no more quick fixes. Build, manage and track your wellbeing with Happily Health, the holistic health app.

Aspects of Holistic Health: Physical, Emotional & Mental

When it comes to holistic health, it is essential to look beyond the tangible body into the – physical, emotional, and mental aspects. These aspects enable a person to live every day in the healthiest way possible.

Health App for Physical Health

Physical health is what most people refer to when they think of health. This is because our physical body shows signs and symptoms of our health – both – optimal and sub-optimal. These physical signs and symptoms are easy to measure. The holistic health app supports your physical health by recommending a nutrient-dense balanced diet according to your body type, 8-hours of sleep each night, exercise and fitness regimens based on health assessment, and more. Adopting these small changes can make a massive difference in your overall sense of wellbeing.

Holistic Health Comprises Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Mental health refers to cognitive abilities that affect our brain functions. Emotional health refers to our emotions and daily mood. Mental health often overlaps with emotional health, but there is a considerable difference between the two. Emotional wellbeing is as critical as physical or mental wellbeing, but it often gets overlooked.

The health app supports your emotional and mental health by helping you manage it with healthy habits such as yoga, meditation to reduce anxiety and practice kindness. Practicing mindfulness can help in the better management of everyday stressors.

The Happily Health app helps you achieve holistic health by setting nutrition goals and offers regimens that improve dietary requirements and hydration levels. It helps you make lifestyle changes such as getting sufficient sleep and kicking bad habits such as drinking, smoking, or consuming recreational drugs. The health app tracks your daily tasks, monitors progress and health score to keep you motivated. It has a repository of yoga videos for weight loss, home exercises, and meditation for anxiety by experts.

So, let the health app find a workout regimen that suits your needs and focus on living a healthier lifestyle. Let’s make holistic health a lifelong journey. Let’s Happily Health.

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